Wonder Treasure Box

A popular puzzle, easy when you know how and impossible when you don't. A borrowed bill is dropped into a clear plastic box through a slot. The box is handed to a spectator, who is asked to remove his bill without breaking the box. They cannot do so till they learn the clever secret. 

Pyramid Puzzle # 3

Can you make this three-sided pyramid with just these 2 white blocks ??? This two-piece Pyramid Puzzle is a large model, with sides that are almost three inches long! It can easily be assembled--- if you know the secret. 

Pyramid Puzzle # 2

This great miniature puzzle was first around in the 1960's and then suddenly vanished (no pun intended), but I managed to find a distributor who still had some available and purchased his existing inventory.  This 4 piece miniature plastic pyramid puzzle will challenge your friends and family.  Very difficult to do, unless you know its secrets.

Pyramid Puzzle # 1

A neat puzzle, using twenty balls in four blocks. There are two strings of 4 balls, and two blocks of 6 balls. The object of the puzzle is to form them into a perfect pyramid. This is a large size model--- the pyramid measures about 3.5" at the base and each side, and comes with instructions. 

Puzzles & Brainteasers

A Classic....

The "T" Puzzle

Have you tried your hand at the "T" puzzle yet?  If so, you know how deceptive and frustrating 4 little pieces of plastic can be.  The small plastic version is shown assembled here.

By popular demand, I also have the "Executive" version of the "T" puzzle--- a much larger, laser-cut, balsa wood edition that's a great puzzle and conversation piece for your coffee table or office.

Ask about a special bonus:  Two free plastic "T" puzzles with each balsa wood puzzle you purchase.