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A magician does not live by card tricks alone!  In order to keep things interesting, most magicians like to vary their routines, so I will be teaching you some great non-card illusions as well.  The first is the ever popular "Nickels To Dimes" trick, where a stack of nickels is immediately turned into a stack of dimes.  I teach you the right way to do this trick to get maximum effect.

The second is the famous "Pen Through The Dollar" illusion---- you pass a pen through a dollar bill WITHOUT making a hole !!!  This an an absolutely amazing effect, and not only do you receive a special gimmick pen to complete the illusion, but a training DVD that demonstrates several other effects you can do.  The method that I teach is practically fool-proof for beginners, and once you have mastered my technique, you can move on to more advanced versions of the illusion.

In addition, I will demonstrate several other card tricks and non-card illusions which you might be interesting in learning and acquiring either at our first meeting or at some future time.


I am going to teach you every nuance, every move, every variation and give you every tip to perform each and every one of your magic tricks and illusions flawlessly.  You will amaze your family and friends with your new found skills.

More coming--- check back regularly.

 The second card trick you will learn in based on the "Svengali" deck  You display a deck of cards and flip through them deck and show all cards appear to be a normal deck.   The viewer then sticks his finger anywhere in the deck as you flip through the cards face down, chooses a card, looks at it and places it back in the deck, without showing you the card.  You now turn the deck face up, and his/her card has suddenly risen to the top of the deck.  A great illusion in itself, but wait, that would be a pretty cheesy trick for a magician of your caliber---- let's go one step further and really stun the crowd.  You turn the deck face down, have the person tap the back of the deck and suddenly every card in the deck has turned into his/her chosen card.  It's a mind blowing ending to a classic card trick.

Tip:  Patience + practice + persistence = perfection when you perform.

You will learn two great card tricks and one non-card illusion at our first meeting.  The first card trick is the disappearing/reappearing deck of cards.  You display a deck of cards which all have blank fronts.  You flip through the deck and show all cards to be blank.  You then tell the viewer to tap the back of the deck and you flip through them again, and all the cards have suddenly reappeared with their faces plainly showing.  Your friends will be amazed.  But don't stop there--- have them tap the back of the deck again and then you flip through them to show that all the cards now suddenly blank once again.  This is a very easy trick to perform with a special deck of cards that I supply free with your lesson.

I teach beginners some basic, easy to do tricks and illusions using cards, coins and other gimmicks. I supply everything you need to get started. With a little practice and patience, your friends will be amazed at your new found skills. I meet you one-on-one in Manhattan near 7 Ave and 14 Street at a cozy coffee shop and I spend about 45 mins with you going over 2 great card tricks and one non-card illusion, all of which you get to keep. I can also show you other tricks and illusions that are available, either now or in the future. Get back to me if you are interested in setting up a meeting, otherwise if you like, go to my home page here and submit your info to get added to my mailing list---  I will keep you up to date on times I will be available for the upcoming week and any special rates that are available.  

I have a great deal for my Internet friends---- you will learn 2 great card tricks and one classic non-card illusion, plus you get all the props and gimmicks absolutely free with your instruction.  Begin amazing your friends and family in just minutes.  Your first lesson includes all the things you need to get started, plus expert one-on-one instruction for just $45.   (Cash offer only-- no other discounts, certificates or offers apply.)

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