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Last Updated:  Nov 29, 2016

Recent additions marked with **           Newest Additions Marked with  ***

101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck (Booklet) ***

3 Dominoes Monte

4-Ball Puzzle

Amazing Magic Tricks Book *** 

Amazing Magic Set 

Astro Coin

Bicycle New Era Plastic Deck ***

Big Magic For Little Hands Book ***

Bite-Out Quarter

Black & White Chips **

Blank Three Card Monte 

Bloody Razor Blade Gag

Card Surgery (Tenyo)  ***

Chase The Ace (3 Card Monte)

Cigaratte Burn Gag

Coin Slide Plus ***  (Ask about sale price.)

Complaint Department Hand Grenade Gag  ** 

Cookie Roach

Counterfeit Detector Gag

Crystal Cleaver **

Devil's Coin Bank  (Ask about sale price.)

Disappearing Card Case  

Disappearing Deck 

Dizzy Dice

Doucebag Alert Button ***

Drawer Box

Dream Queen

Energetic Card (Floating Match)

Exploding Caps Gag

Exploding Cigarette Pack Gag

Exploding Lighter Gag

Exploding Pen Gag

Fake Bed Bugs

Fake Lotto Tickets **

Fake Parking Tickets ***

Fanta Block

Fart Spray

Floating Charlie Head

Floating Skull Card

Flying Butterfly

Folding Quarter (Tango)

Gelling Powder

Giant Cockroach

Giant Penny

Imp Bottle ***  (Ask about sale price.)

Invisible Deck ***

Invisible Zone

Jumping Spider Gag

Junior Play Cards Gag **

Ketchup Spill Gag

Key Puzzle

Lady To Tiger Illusion ***

Life Of The Party (Book)

Light Up Rose

Magic "T" Puzzle

Magic "T" Puzzle (Wood)

Magic Ball & Vase

Magic Ball & Vase (Miniature)  (Ask about sale price.)

Magic Ball & Vase (Wood)

Magic Ball Through Glass

Magic Cartoon Deck **

Magic Coin Case **  (Ask about sale price.)

Magic Coloring Book (Full Size)

Magic Coloring Book (Small Size)

Magic Crayons

Magic Nail Box  (Ask about sale price.)

Magic Ring & Spring

Magic Rope

Magic Square Puzzle

Magic Sword

Magic Tube ***  (Ask about sale price.)

Magical Pencil Case

Magician's Wax

Magic Light ***

Magical Candy Box ***

Magnetic Cockroach

Mega Fart Bomb (Pk of 4)

Mental Photography Deck ***

Miniature Ring Chest  ***

Miracle Die Box ***  (Ask about sale price.)

Money Maker (Desktop)

Money Maker (Portable - New Version) **

Money Maker (Portable - Old Version)

Money Maze Puzzle ***

Niagara Card Deck (Bicycle)

Nickels To Dimes

Over And Under Puzzle ***

Party Pooper **

Penetrator Deck  ***

Pen Through Bill Illusion

Pen Through Bill Illusion with DVD

Penny & Dime Illusion

Pentro Penny (Royal)

Petrified Cigarettes

Phony Faucet ***

Prank Notices ***

Predict-A-Color ***  (Ask about sale price.)

Puzzle of Life **

Pyramid Puzzle (Balls)

Pyramid Puzzle (2 Piece/Blocks)

Pyramid Puzzle (4 Piece/Blocks) **

Rabbit and Hat Salt & Pepper Shaker *** 

Roach On Wheels

Royal Vanishing Coin In Glass ***

Scotch & Soda


Six Fly Set

Soft Coins **

Spell-Binding Boxes (Brass)  

Spell-Binding Boxes (Plastic)

Statue Of Liberty

Steel Ball Through Glass  ***

Stink Bombs

Super Floating Match

Surprising Girls Card Trick ***

Svengali Deck 

Thread Genie

Three Card Monte

Thumb Tip

Tiny Hands Gag ***

Tommy The Turd Toilet Entertainer ***

Toss Change Card ***

Tower Of Dice

Two Card Monte ***

Waterbug (Pk of 3)

Wonder Die Divination ***  (Ask about sale price.)

Wonder Glass (Large)

Wonder Glass (Small)

Wonder Treasure Box

Wonder Zig-Zag Rope

Wonderfool Box ***

World's Heaviest Bicycle Card Deck Gag ***

WTF Slammer Button ***

X-Ray Deck 

Zig-Zag Card

Zig-Zag Pencil

Zig-Zag Rope (Red)