Prank Notices Gag

10 different notices included.  Large size, these prank notices are great for those filthy neighbors, roommates, or co-workers!  Includes Condemned, Solid Waste Contamination, Do Not Enter Crime Scene, Seizure Of Drugs, Eviction Notice, Foreclosure, House Arrest, Closed Due To Infestation, Quarantined, and Tax Evasion.  Very colorful and realistic looking signs.

Many new pranks and gags being added over the next several weeks. Check back often.

Giant Flying Butterfly

An all-time classic gag.  Wind up its wings and watch it take off.  Place it under someone's newspaper or magazine and watch the fun.  Or place it under a package or even in a birthday card.  The giant flying butterfly can fly over 20 feet and is completely reusable time-and-time again, with the proper "care and feeding". 

Also available:  Classic glass-capsule stink bombs and the ever-popular fart spray.  Note:  These items sold to adults only.

Counterfeit Detector Gag

A comical way of collecting money. Drop a borrowed bill into the top of the Counterfeit Detector. Then watch it visibly shred! Your victim will gasp as their greenback is cut to ribbons in plain sight. Sound effects coming from the detector add to the effect.

Of course, the borrowed cash is unharmed, and can be reclaimed from the back of this novelty bank easily.

Batteries included.

(Style may vary slightly from illustration.)

A natural extension of magic & illusion, pranks and gags create an illusion of something that "appears to be", but which is really not.  The purpose of gags and pranks are to create surprise and laughter.  While I like to concentrate on magic, especially for beginners, the following items were carefully selected to add to my website.

Pranks & Gags

(Newest items are toward the bottom of the page.)

Tiny Hands Gag

Replace your actual hands with these extremely tiny ones!  Hold each hand at its base underneath your shirt to really surprise some people.  Get amazing double-takes at the office, at parties, or just on the street.

Complaint Department Hand Grenade

Going to the complaint department has never been such a blast!  Display on your desk or hang on your wall.  This novelty hand grenade will keep people smiling at you and will laughingly discourage their complaints  !!!

Mega Fart Bombs

The most potent I have ever experienced.  Just squeeze the metallic bag...  it will swell up and break open. Then run for the hills to avoid the smell.  4 bags per box.

Also available:  Fake flies, giant 6'' roaches, waterbugs, ants, and bedbugs.  Something to gross out anyone !

Magnetic Cockroach Gag

This is as real as it gets.  Stick this authentic looking rubber roach onto any metal that works with a magnet, or just place it (face up or face down !!!) on any non-magnetic surface and wait for the screams. Your Mom will lose her lunch if found in the fridge.  This is the most real-looking roach I have ever seen--- even my exterminator was fooled for a moment.

Tiny Deck Gag

Here's a full deck of 52 playing cards, including the joker, and they're not much more than an inch high!   Have fun with your friends. Great give always too!   Made of paper. 1" x 1 3/8".  Available singley or in boxes of 1 gross (144) individually boxed as great party gags.