Your friends will be amazed at The Magic Sword, a very clever optical illusion enhanced by a wonderful mental trick.  This pocket-sized device is both a trick and a puzzle, all rolled into one.  You'll want to keep this device ready and handy to entertain your friends at all times. This classic solid-through-solid effect makes for a the perfect pocket trick.  Insert the key (which is attached to a chain) through the hole, and watch the sword pass right through it, before your very eyes!  Instantly repeatable--- you can do it over and over again. The illusion is so perfect, you'll even fool yourself!


 This is new and very hot--- great for closeup magic and very easy to perform.  Similar to the classic Three Card Monte but done with dominoes. Two double fives and one double one. You mix up the dominoes. No matter how closely the spectator watches, he will never find the double one. He will be completely fooled again and again.   A wonderful close-up routine. Very easy to do. The dominoes do all the work for you.


Something for everyone in THE AMAZING MAGIC SET--- includes all the props and gimmicks you need to perform 5 tricks and 1 gag, PLUS a two hour DVD which includes instructions on using the included props along with other great tricks AND an Easy Magic Tricks  booklet that highlights over 50 tricks you can do with everyday objects.  This kit provides a great introduction to magic and illusion and also makes a great gift for the aspiring apprentice magician.



 This is something really neat to add to your "show"--- the rope goes from its regular coiled state to a straight rigid state at the command of the magician.  Great for kid's shows, but use your imagination and you can come up with ideas for a line of interesting patter that will amuse and entertain your adult audiences!  I usually use it sometime during the middle of my program to get extra laughs and keep my audience on its toes.




A great gift for any boy or girl interested in magic--- this is a wonderful "show & tell" item they will love to bring to school and proud to show to friends and family. 

A giant 8 x 11 inches--- kids will flip through the pages and all the illustrations appear in black and white.  Tap the book once and suddenly all the illustrations have magically become colored in.  Another tap of the book and now all the pages are completely blank-- the illustrations have completely vanished !!!

This is a great way to get kids interested in magic and illusion.  And for a limited time, get a surprise bonus gift when you purchase this product if you mention this website.


Other great Odds & Ends coming soon, so check back often for some more great tricks, gags and books about magic and illusion that you are sure to enjoy.

Odds & Ends

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It's cheap, it's plastic, it's made in China, but it is going to provide a lot of entertainment and laughs from both kids and adults alike.  The classic Ball & Vase illusion is only about 4 inches high, so you can carry it wherever you go.  I use it between my regular tricks and illusions to keep folks on their toes.  A small ball is removed from the vase and placed in your pocket.  The top is then placed on the vase and with a quick "Hokus-Pokus" the ball suddenly reappears in the vase.  Place the cover over the vase again and this time give it a quick "Abracadabra" and the ball once again vanishes.  This is a real hokey trick that kids love to "bust" and adults will chuckle at, yet they will all be greatly entertained.