Wow--- How Did You Do That ???

Most folks are raised with the etiquette and understanding that they never ask a magician how a trick is done.  The magician's techniques, his tools and his craft, things which have been handed down through generations of magicians, are considered closely guarded "trade secrets", and new magicians and magician's apprentices are expected to understand and respect that concept.  Folks often ask me how the magic is done, and I must respectfully decline to answer based on the vows which I have taken as a magician not to divulge the secrets of my craft.  To help folks understand the concept, I often compare these trade secrets to those of an old American favorite--- Coca-Cola--- they have kept their formula secret for years and years because a breach of that trust would diminish their product's value.   It's the same thing for magicians, many of whom are professionals and who count on their performances to earn income.  As a newbie or apprentice magician, you will be expected to follow in this tradition.

That having been said, and being a teacher, instructor and dealer in the art of magic and illusions, you do receive the knowledge of how some of this magic is performed when I instruct you in your new craft.  I trust in your commitment to the art when you purchase lessons and products from me, and I pledge to teach you to the best of my ability to perform and perfect the tricks and illusions that you will receive and learn.  So please, if you see me performing, you should not ask how a particular trick or effect is accomplished, but if you are willing to make a commitment of your time and energy into purchasing my services and products, you can rest assured that I will be as committed to you in teaching you to develop, achieve, and perfect your new skills.

Seeing Is Believing

I have tried to highlight on the following pages some of my favorite tricks and illusions--- the ones that I would love to teach to you so that you can go and entertain your family and friends.  But the descriptions on the following pages do little to illustrate how amazing and remarkable these simple but effective tricks can be when you see them "close up and personal", which I why I invite you to join me at the various forums that I appear at around the city like the one I have listed on the top of this page.  Better still, please arrange for a no-obligation one-on-one get together.  My "Introductory Special" here will explain how you can arrange that.  In addition, I will be adding new tricks and illusions to my pages as they become available, so please check into my site regularly or register on my home page to join my growing mailing list of folks interested in pursuing magic and illusion as entertainment for friends and family.

For the past year, I have combed through the catalogs of magic companies, visited many magic stores and have come up with about a dozen good solid tricks and illusions that are easy for the novice magician to perform.  It is true that they all require some patience, practice and perseverance on your part, but I am happy to spend the time with you to teach you how to perform them correctly and professionally.  There are thousands of tricks and illusions out there, but I believe that these are the cream of the crop.


My criteria for selection tricks and illusions to teach is that they be portable (you can carry them in your pocket and perform them with little or no setup), the produce a "wow" factor, the majority of them be relatively inexpensive, and they generally be easy to learn and perform.

My Interest In Magic

All magic is illusion.  At least for us mortals.  There is real magic in the universe, but that's God's magic, and that's called miracles.  But even in the illusions that us mortals do there is some magic--- it's not the changing of nickels into dimes or making things disappear and reappear.  The real magic in magic is when you can use your skills and training to make other people smile---  that's the true magic in magic.

 Tentative Schedule:

Most of the time, you'll find me performing in the Union Square area and other parts of New York as a "street magician".   You'll also find me some afternoons and evening at the very excellent "JUICE PRESS" location at 122 Greenwich Avenue.  Please continue to check this page for updates on upcoming events and free lessons. **

** These are free lessons for those who have purchased, or will purchase on this date, the CHASE THE ACE card trick from me. Please bring your special cards with you.  Sets of new cards are available at a special price for those who have already purchased the full product.  Although these lessons are free, you MUST call ahead to make an appointment and reserve your spot.

All dates and times listed above are tentative and change often, so you should call ahead of time to 917-574-4645 to confirm hours and dates that I will be available. 

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I may also be available to meet with you at other locations, or at times before or after the above dates, even at hours earlier in the day, to demonstrate some of the great magic and illusion that I teach and sell.  Please call for more information or to make arrangements to meet.

Magic Mike is a retired member of the NYC Fire Department.

Why Is There No Pricing Information On This Site ?


You will notice that there is currently no pricing information on this site.  This is because I do not just sell magic tricks and illusions in the traditional sense.  Instead, I teach their use and I supply the tricks, tools, props and gimmicks that you need to perform and master these illusions.  Pricing is discussed in-person or by phone because many of these items are discounted compared to New York retail magic establishments.  You will find that for the most part, the personal training you receive to perform each illusion and the props, accessories and gimmicks that I supply will cost you substantially less than you would pay for the illusion itself, without the training, in a retail NYC establishment.  Quantity discounts are also available to all individuals and to members of The Society of American Magicians and to The International Brotherhood of Magicians.  

Many tricks and illusions which rely on mechanical gimmicks have a limited service life for the performing magician.  The more you perform, the greater wear-and-tear you put on your props.  I have a "rule-of-thumb" that I apply to mechanical devices that I will be happy to explain to you when you purchase any product from me.



It all started many years ago when my dad often took me to the toy department at Macy's Department Store on Herald Square in New York City to watch the Macy's magician perform his routines.  Many of the same tricks and gimmicks he sold all those years ago have become the staple favorites of budding magicians today.  My very first routine assisting the department store magician was the famous "Nickels To Dimes" illusion, which has changed very little over the past six decades.  Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. 

Mike's Philosophy About Magic