Not just one pencil through one quarter, but three pencils through three quarters simultaneously.  A great trick that will amaze your friends and family.  All of your props are completely examinable after each performance and the "gimmick" resets in just seconds. 


 A wonderful and easy trick the perform will mystify audiences of all ages.  Pass a dime right through a solid countertop, book, or other object.  Even pass a dime right through someone's closed hand. 

A New "Portable" Version


Be prepared to stun your audience as they watch a one dollar bill change to a hundred dollar bill right before their eyes. (Or a five to a fifty, or any other combination, including a blank piece of paper turn into any denomination you like !)  And carry it with you in your jacket pocket to use it anywhere, anytime.  Quickly resettable for use over and over again; both kids and adults will be fascinated by this illusion.  Provides a giant "WOW" factor whenever you use it.    Now see Magic Mike doing the demo here.

Please Note:    I provide a very special modification to this illusion which makes it especially easy for the novice to perform AND  I teach you a special technique which helps provide in the trick's implementation.

I take pride in my magic lessons and in the supplies that I provide to new magicians and magician's apprentices.  I recently became listed on YELP, Yellow Pages (YP) and Angies List, so please feel free to check those sites for more information, and your comments and reviews are greatly appreciated on those sites as well.  You will generally find me listed as Magic Mike or Magic Mike NYC on those sites in zip code 10011.


An incredible illusion as you use this special blotter-type device to change a one dollar bill into a hundred dollar bill right in front of your audience's eyes.  The effective is absolutely stunning.   If you are attending on of my demonstration performances and you are interested in this illusion, please call ahead to make sure I have one with me to show you--- I sell these out pretty quickly.


This is one of my very favorite coin transposition tricks.  A quarter is signed by a spectator and placed under a black silk handkerchief.   While the spectator holds onto the coin, the coin mysteriously leaves the handkerchief and travels into the center of four sealed, nested boxes, which are placed several feet away from the spectator.  If you have seen me perform this great trick, you know how breathtaking it is.  This is the most professional version of the trick I have ever seen, and includes all the necessary props along with the special gimmick.


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Everybody loves tricks that involve money, be it coins or currency.   Changing nickels into dimes and dollar bills into hundred dollar bills are just a few of the hundreds of tricks that have evolved over the years.  I teach and supply some of the classic coin and currency illusions--- tricks that are easy to perform and master.

I perform many other tricks and illusions not yet listed here--- for a more complete listing, please refer to the "Product Listing" page here.