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Niagara Deck

From the leading maker of playing cards, Bicycle, comes the fabulous Niagara Deck.  Now you can handle cards like a champ, doing fantastic moves like the cascading deck, over-the-shoulder moves, and much more.  Comes complete with instructions and ideas to amaze your family and friends. 

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Thread Genie

Make dollars bills and other objects float in mid-air.  Explore the world of invisible-thread illusions with the Magic Makers Thread Genie.   With a little practice and patience, you will be astounding your family and friends.  I supply the Thread Genie along with special advice on the "care and feeding" of the device--- invaluable if you are starting your foray into invisible thread illusions.

Folding Quarter

Another magician's favorite is the folding quarter.  Produced by Tango, this device can be used to appear to pass a quarter through a closed bottle.  Also great for performing the "bitten" quarter effect.  I supply the special quarter and extra invisible bands to help you make this illusion an immense success.

Magician's Thumb Tip

One of the most basic props of any magician is the fake thumb tip.  I can supply a full range or shapes, sizes and shades, including the famous Vernet brand.  These tips are used to disappear and reappear small objects like silks, hankies, currency, and much more.  Pour a shaker full of salt into your hand and have it miraculously disappear!  What can be done with the simple device is entirely up to the imagination of the performer.  Supplied with a special silk to help you complete the illusion.

Magician's Apprentice Page

For those who have started their lessons in magic, this special hidden page was created.  It features magician's supplies and equipment not featured on my regular pages since their inclusion would serve to demonstrate how certain illusions are accomplished.

Gelling Powder

Can be used as a gag, but also used by magicians to make water suddenly "disappear".  Place an amount of powder in an opaque cup or glass unseen by spectators.  Clearly pour water into the glass from a pitcher.   In seconds, the water in the glass instantly gels.  Turn the glass over and nothing comes out, giving the illusion that the water has vanished from the cup or glass.